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Setting A Garden Budget

As with every project you undertake in your home, it is important to have a budget set aside to carry out the works, if not projects can spiral out of control.

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Stunning Natural Beauty with Low Maintenance. A Perfect Solution !!!

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Garden Design - The Process

Landscape Plans For Planning Permission. Local Authorties and County Councils may ask you to submit a landscape drawing showing your proposed landscape layout along with your planning permission application. We can assist you with sucessfully submitting such plans and associated details to the Local Authority..

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Paving Design & Planning

Paving is an important element in the design of any garden or landscaped space. As designers we take careful consideration in designing paving spaces for our clients.

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Native Irish Trees

When designing a landscape scheme we try and incorporate as many native Irish species of trees as is possible. Below is a list of trees that are native in Ireland.